What’s the Difference Between a Storm Chaser and a Local Roofing Company?

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After a hailstorm, it’s common to have roofing salespeople knock on your door and offer their services to repair or replace your storm damaged roof. Some of these people will be from legitimate, local roofing companies and others will be storm chasers. You might be wondering what the difference is between a local roofing company and a storm chaser. The reality is that this is an important distinction that can make a difference in the type of service you receive.

Storm Chasers

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Storm chasers don’t have the obligations or responsibilities that local roofing companies have. They move from city to city, even state to state, chasing hail, tornados, hurricanes, and other severe weather events to turn a fast profit.

After a storm, a storm chaser will quickly descend on a neighborhood with numerous salespeople going door to door. They have to come to you because they aren’t in town long enough for you to find them. They are persistent with their sales pitch and often quote deals that will allow you to pocket some of your insurance proceeds. Storm chasers are very knowledgeable about the home insurance industry. They use that knowledge to take advantage of homeowner’s insurance policies. They may even offer to pay or waive your deductible. These deals may seem too good to pass up but be assured they will still make money off of your project by cutting costs somewhere. Never sacrifice quality for a storm chaser’s promises.

It's also important to know that it is illegal for storm chasers to waive deductibles and it is often the homeowner left facing the consequences of their “deals.” In order to comply with Texas law, many home insurance companies require a roofing company to provide proof of the deductible payment. A professional, local roofing company will never risk fines or compromise their reputation to make a sale.

Another problem with storm chasers is that they are not local, so they aren’t familiar with your city’s codes and requirements. Many times, when you replace a roof, it’s been years since your last roof replacement. Since then, your city has most likely made changes to its building codes. When your insurance pays for your roof, they will include funds for code upgrades. If you hire a storm chaser to replace your roof, they may not be aware of your city codes, and you will miss out on these valuable upgrades and your home will not be compliant with city code.

Hiring a storm chaser is a gamble. You might get a great deal, but the consequences are definitely not worth it. To be sure that you are getting the value and quality you expect, always hire a local roofing company for your roof replacement.

Local Roofing Company

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Local roofing companies represent the best customer service, quality workmanship, and top of the line materials. Local roofing companies love what they do, love their communities, and want to do the best work possible for their customers.

Starting and then maintaining a legitimate local roofing company is a major undertaking. To have a lasting, successful local business you have to maintain relationships with suppliers and customers. Providing good, dependable service is paramount if you want to work in the community where you live.

Relationships with local product suppliers is important. A good local roofing company will have established these relationships over a long period of time. In order to have a working relationship with local supply houses, roofing companies have to meet strict financial requirements and customer service standards.

Most of a local roofing company’s business comes from referrals and word of mouth so it only makes sense to provide top of the line customer service. A local roofing company wants to be of service to their community for a long time to come and will take the time to do every job right. A local roofing company will be there when you need them. If you ever have a question about your installation, need a repair, or have issues with your roofing products, your local roofing company will be there for you. They want and need to maintain a solid customer base with repeat customers.

A local roofing company will be familiar with your area and aware of city codes. They’ll be sure to document any required code upgrades for your insurance company to make sure that you are able to include these for your roof replacement and that your home is up to city code.

When hiring a local roofing company after filing a roofing insurance claim, the only out-of-pocket cost to you will be your deductible. If you choose different roofing materials such as a Class 4 shingle, or metal roof, you can expect to pay the difference between your insurance estimate and the new materials in addition to your deductible. A local roofing company will follow all the rules and regulations set by the state surrounding insurance and deductibles. Following the rules protects the homeowner, ensuring that the job will have the funds to be done right, use the best materials, and protect the homeowner from any fines or negative impacts from breaking the rules.

Hiring a local roofing company means that you are hiring the best for your home while supporting your community. At Orbit Roofing, we take pride in what we do. We specialize in expert roof installations, professional service, and only use high quality roofing materials. If you’ve been impacted by severe weather, give us a call at (512) 957-0155. We provide free roof inspections for our community and will be here when you need us.

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