Roofing Hail Damage

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It is important to have your roof inspected promptly following a hailstorm. Hail varies in size, shape, and hardness that fall in random patterns on your roof. The direction of the hail is determined by the wind. Hail impacts can dislodge the protective granules of an asphalt shingle, producing areas of exposed asphalt shingle substrate. Shortly after a hailstorm, hail impacts are visible, showing freshly exposed asphalt shingle base material. Over time, the asphalt will weather and fade due to exposure, making the hail damage more difficult for an insurance adjuster to identify and more challenging for you to get the insurance coverage you need. Even small hail warrants an inspection as repeated exposure to hail causes granule layers to weaken over time, shortening the lifespan of your shingles and making your roof vulnerable to leaks.

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Choose a Roofing Company Experienced with Insurance Claims

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At Orbit Roofing we have experience working with hail damage insurance claims and work with all insurance carriers. When you choose to work with Orbit Roofing to replace your hail damaged roof, we will start your service with a complete and thorough roof inspection at no cost to you. After determining the scope of work, we will prepare an estimate detailing your repairs. We will analyze the type of coverage you have in your homeowner’s insurance policy to help you get the most out of your policy when replacing your hail damaged roof. We use the same estimation software that most insurance carriers use, meaning differences in pricing are based on the scope of the project, not per unit pricing.

If you’ve been thinking about upgrading your roof to a class 4 impact resistant shingle, concrete tile, or even a metal roof a hail roof replacement can be the perfect time to do so. The check from your homeowner’s insurance carrier can be put toward any roofing material you choose for your home so long as you are willing to cover the difference in cost from your current roofing material. At Orbit Roofing we offer high quality roofing materials in beautiful profiles, textures, and colors with expert installation to make sure that your new roof not only looks its best but performs its best.

Should You Show Your Insurance Estimate to your Roofer?

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If you have already received an estimate for repairs from your insurance company, it can be beneficial to share the insurance estimate with your roofer. Following a hailstorm, property insurance adjusters can be under pressure to complete many roof inspections in a short amount of time, resulting in missed damages and incorrect measurements. Missed damages and incorrect measurements can result in a shortage of funds to replace your roof. These amounts will have to be supplemented if you want the cost of replacing your roof fully covered. If we know up front which repairs will have to be included in the supplement, it can save time in the insurance claims process.

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Schedule Your Roof Inspection with Orbit Roofing

It is important to have your roof inspected quickly after a hail event. The longer you wait to submit your claim and schedule your roof inspection, the more challenging it can be for an insurance adjuster to see the hail impacts on your roof, making it difficult to get the coverage you need. Our roofing professionals are highly knowledgeable when it comes to identifying and documenting hail damage. In short, getting your roof inspection done quickly will give your insurance company less to question about the cause of the roof damage than if you waited six months or more to submit your hail damage roof claim.

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